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Tuesday, September 19

  1. page About the Author edited {Jacki's_camera_091.JPG} {family picture for christmas cards.JPG} Who is Jacki Kratz? ... …
    {Jacki's_camera_091.JPG}{family picture for christmas cards.JPG}
    Who is Jacki Kratz?
    is Jacki Kratz and I work for Sage Technology Solutions located in Mount Joy, PA.Kratz. I graduated
    Elementary Education. I currently hold a PA teacher license for Elementary Education, Middle School Math, Middle School Science, and Middle School Social Studies. After substituting for 4 different school districts, I found a home at Lawnton Elementary School within the Central Dauphin School District. I graduated
    Classroom Technology. I left the children teaching world in 2011. Technology in
    be doing. I have found that position at Sage. I am training teachers to use their interactive whiteboards on a daily basis. I am trained in Polyvision (Eno/TS), Epson Interactive Projectors,Please enjoy this site and Smart interactive whiteboards. I am also trained in SmartNotebook, Wizteach, Qwizdom, RM Easiteach, Easy Interactive Tools, Easiteach Next Generation, and other software programs. You can followemail me on Twitter - @Kratztech and Skype me at teachersrule.with things to add or things that need removed.
    Cool Facts: I am a Choco-holic and I am not afraid to admit to it!
    2, 1981 at 12:42pm (Saturday) at the Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale, PA
    School: Stourbridge Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Wayne Highlands Middle School, and Honesdale High School (1999 Grad) all in Honesdale, PA
    Field Hockey, Volleyball, and track (which really is chasing a 3 year old)
    pick up Volleyball
    First -
    White Chevy Truck Equinox with

    Family: Married 6/10/06 -in June 2006 to Eric Children - Lilyand have two daughters
    Color - Purple
    Vehicle - Truck
    Shows - Rizzoli & Isle, Merlin, Warehouse 13, Ghost Hunters, Leverage, Burn Notice, Bones, Closer, Sing-Off, Backyardigans, Imagination Movers, Doc McStuffinsSHADOWHUNTERS!!
    Movies - Harry Potter Series, Love Comes Softly Series, Prince of Persia, One Night With the King, Sense and Sensibility, Dune and tons more
    Sports Team: My Fantasy Football Team - PurplePeopleEatersummm what ever team my husband tells me to cheer for
    History: Native North Americans, Greek, Egyptians
    Mary Higgins ClarkClark, Bella Forrest
    Game: Sudoko, Princess Dominos, Angry BirdsBirds!!
    Words/Phrases: Confuzzled, Frindle, Its on like Donkey Kong, You're a Pickle, Stinker-pot, Precious, I boomed, You're click happy, It's Ed's fault!!!Amazeballs, Okey Dokey Artichokey
    Taught Subjects: Math and Early American History
    BOOKS: Red Queen Series, Mortal Instruments Series, A Shade of Vampire Series, Twilight Series, Matched Series, Harry Potter
    Church Hymn: 707 Hymn of Promise
    Missions Project: Trunk or Treat

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  2. page Interactive Websites edited ... Matching Funds for Document Cameras - iClickers - Win a Set http://www.ic…
    Matching Funds for Document Cameras -
    iClickers - Win a Set
    of grants
    EPS Response to Intervention (RTI) Grant Program
    Read more by eSchool News Staff
    This grant program is designed to assist school districts in the development and improvement of their Response to Intervention (RTI) programs.
    Contact Information
    Grant Organization: EPS, School Specialty's Literacy And Intervention Division
    Contact URL:
    Eligibility: K-12 schools
    Grant Deadline: Monday December 31st, 2012
    Grant Value: $25,000-$500,000

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  3. page All Language Arts edited ... 7 Bibliograghy and Citing Resources -…
    7 Bibliograghy and Citing Resources -
    9 Creative Story Sites
    BRAND NEW: Change 28 Boring Words to Awesome Words
    6 Popular storytelling tools:
    **Toontastic** - "You can easily create your own character or use any of the custom-made characters available on Toontastic. Once you have created your own animation, you can also upload it on ToonTube, and share it with your peers." - Monika Arora, Online English and Biology Teacher
    {} The Rise of Digital Books
    Lessons -
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Wednesday, July 15

  1. page home edited ... Marqueed is a simple and intuitive online app that allows users to share & communicate abo…
    Marqueed is a simple and intuitive online app that allows users to share & communicate about images securely. It allows people to easily “point” at a part of the picture while talking about it & keeps all discussion organized for you.
    [[include component="comments" page="home" limit="10"]]
    {Sage_Logo.jpg} 1040 W. Main StreetMount Joy, PA 17552(717)-653-3349
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Monday, April 27

  1. page home edited Technology Is Your Friend ... being patient. I had my second child on Easter morning and deci…

    Technology Is Your Friend
    being patient. I had my second child on Easter morning and decided to return to the classroom. I have
    update this due to family obligations. Please email
    Are Kids Really Motivated by Technology? Please read if you have anything to do with educating our youth.
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Tuesday, November 25

  1. page Interactive Websites edited ... 5 PowerPoint Mistakes to Avoid -…
    5 PowerPoint Mistakes to Avoid - Create a Jeopardy online OR HERE: {Jeopardy.ppt} {jeopardy_template.ppt} Jeopardy games that you can download
    How to play Jeopardy in the Classroom - Jeopardy and Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader powerpoints
    Weakest Link Powerpoint Game: {Weakest Link for PowerPoint.doc} {Weakest Link.ppt} {link.gif}
    Hollywood Squares Powerpoint Game: {Hollywood Squares Template.ppt} Free Download for Classroom Management solution - internet and application monitoring, printer management, real-time presentation tools (Download near bottom) - Share your powerpoints with your students This site is organized by grades and subjects
    {} kids websites
    This is kids' safe YouTube video player that only features kids videos such as entertaining and educational cartoons, language learning and animal programs. These videos have been selected by the owner of the website himself who is a father of two cute kids.
    Virtual Filed Trip Resources -
    Games and Interactive Lessons-
    Video on "Games on Interactive Boards"
    ... Free games - Games for Educators website (not sure if any are interactive)
    {scrubleguy2.png} {Scruble Cube Points.docx} {Scruble Cube PDF Worksheet.pdf} {Scruble Make a Sentence.docx} {Scruble Word Math.docx} {Scruble Vowel Math.docx} {Periodic Table Scruble Fun.docx}
    Inspiration Maps includes over 30 templates for use in the classrooms. Plus, teachers can use it to organize their work and build lesson plans. Examples
    Need FundsNeed the Funds to get the Cool Stuff:
    Schools and libraries can begin requesting their share of $2.3 billion in telecommunications discounts through the federal eRate program on Dec. 12, and they'll have until March 14 to apply for 2013 funding.
    Lowe's Toolbox For Education Grant Spring 2013 - Deadline Feb 15th, 2013
    These highly competitive fellowships are awarded to new teachers committed to teaching STEM in high schools nationwide.
    Contact Information
    Grant Organization: 2013 Teaching Fellowships
    Contact URL:
    Eligibility: New high school STEM teachers
    Grant Deadline: Wednesday January 9th, 2013
    Grant Value: Up to $175,000
    The I CAN Learn Program, the only middle school math and algebra software to have received the U.S. Dept. of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse’s highest rating of “Positive Effects,” just announced a second round of grant opportunities to encourage participation in the Million Student Study, a large scale randomized controlled trial on math achievement.
    Contact Information
    Grant Organization: I CAN Learn Program
    Contact URL:
    Eligibility: Schools
    Grant Deadline: Wednesday November 21st, 2012
    Grant Value: Varies
    Contact Information -
    Students will be challenged to come up with their own games for the MASTERMIND BrainTwister Challenge. Those can be puzzles, word problems or games with a solution or riddle.
    Grant Organization: Pressman Toy Corporation
    Contact URL: http://www.mastermind-educatio...
    Eligibility: Children ages 7-12
    Grant Deadline: Monday December 31st, 2012
    Grant Value: $2,300 total - MATH GRANT provides details on active grants (currently about 600) for elementary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions. A search tool allows users to find grants based on focus (such as technology, STEM, disaster relief, library, etc.), content area (arts, math, etc.), 21st century skills theme (critical thinking, collaboration, etc.), grade level, and eligibility requirements.
    $10,000 Classroom Makeover Contest Opens
    By [[{C71F19DC-CE5A-4810-95BB-24B20F9EBB55}&ArticleItem={15F2132A-453D-4AF6-8A38-A0D470CF5109}|David Nagel]]
    Nominations are now open for the 2012 Great American Classroom Makeover, which offers prizes of up to $10,000 for supplies for both individual classrooms and schools.
    The contest asks nominators to detail in 300 words or less why their chosen classroom deserves the makeover. A photo of the classroom is also required.
    Three prizes will be awarded.
    The first-place winner will receive $5,000 for his or her classroom and another $5,000 for the school.
    Second place will receive $2,500 for the classroom and $2,500 for the school.
    Third place will receive $1,000 for the classroom and $1,000 for the school.
    "Studies show that teachers across the United States are spending their own money to improve their classrooms," says Mat Dutkiewicz, executive vice president of Great American Financial Resources, which sponsors and conducts the contest. "The Great American Classroom Makeover is designed to help alleviate some of that burden for educators. We believe that teachers deserve the best, and we are pleased to help them and their students with this program."
    Nominations are open now through Dec. 28. Finalists will be notified in January 2013. Final public judging will happen in February. The nomination form and additional details are available online

    7 Online Resources for Finding Grants for Educators - - Elementary School Grants
    . {Capture.JPG}
    Contact Information
    Grant Organization: National Science Teachers Association
    Contact URL:
    Eligibility: U.S. and Canadian teachers in grades 6-12
    Grant Deadline: Monday November 12th, 2012
    Grant Value: Lab equipment, cash, $20,000 lab makeover, and more

    {grants_part_3.png} - Money for the Art Classroom!!
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Monday, November 25