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Are Kids Really Motivated by Technology? Please read if you have anything to do with educating our youth.

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Please Read if you are having trouble balancing Technology and Teaching

The Newest Shared Resource Website for US:
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You will find:
mysharedlesson 2.JPG sharemylesson 1.JPG
and COMMON CORE information!!

ENO USERS ONLY: Do you want $300 of Daydream Education products for free??

Can I open files which were created in other interactive whiteboard software? If you want to view files which were created in other interactive whiteboard software, you can if the files are saved in the common file format (CFF) or '.iwb' (interactive whiteboard). Import the file via the 'e' menu > Open option, choosing the Files of type: CFF(*.iwb) option from the secondary menu and browsing for the file you wish to import. SMART Notebook version 10.7 and Mimio Studio version 7.0 and higher can be saved as .iwb. Starting with Easiteach 1.3 you can open SMART Notebook files directly from File>Open and choose SMART Notebook from the list of supported files. - Video how to save SmartNotebook 10.7 pages into Easiteach Files

free trial lessons available to download as PDF guides, as well Promethean Activinspire is required to use this interactive whiteboard content. There are tutorials there that will help you.


external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR7lPTp99sClL7a0il7sg3LAA-ngvpbjIW4OTS2EeeYMgUhguZ2 external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQTLL1YZLFf8m3L_UhHPyr5VIuXRuIUpoOqUjr6J-vu7jwmioUn - MimioReading Comprehension Suite Mimio Community For Teachers Mimio Lessons Page WIki GET OUT AND VOTE LESSON PLANS Top 10 Mimio Educational Technology FAQs

Free Microsoft Products and Serivces - Internet Safety, Math Worksheet Generator, Flashcards, Office Add-ins for MOODLE, Interactive Classroom, Mouse Mischief, Math and Chem Add-Ins for WORD, Autocollage, Photosynth, Photo Story 3, Bing Maps and Translator, AND Windows Live Skydrive for collaboration and

blooms tax web 2.0 stuff.JPG
new_blooms_and_web_2_0.JPG Go here for more on Bloom's ideas on Web 2.0 Tools

Revised Blooms -
Critical Thinking Skills Infographic -
More Explaining the Revised Blooms -
20 Must See Teaching Tools Coming to YOUR Classroom VERY SOON
Revision of Bloom's Model of Learning


Technology Website for Greenland Schools -
30+ Educational Technology Guides in 1 Place
The Top 5 Technologies Coming to Your School in the Near Future:
Embracing Phones in Your Classroom
2) Game based learning
3) Personal Learning Environments
4) Augmented Reality
5) Natural User Interfaces
external image edtechfuture-740x1046.png

The Right Tools for the Right Job: 30 Tools in 50 Minutes Webinar by Steven Anderson
20 Articles Teachers Should Read -

8 New Educational Web Tools for Teachers -

ENGAGED LEARNING - a teacher's blog on technology and the classroom

Integrating Technology Into Your Classroom Blog -
Web 2.0 Content Creation Tools: A Quick GuideWeb 2.0 Research Tools - A Quick Guide
10 Teaching Practices Every 21st Century Teacher should Do

1- Maintain good communication skills
21st century teaching practices
21st century teaching practices

A successful teacher is one that is able to build a rapport with his /her students, one that can easily connect with his learners and feel their needs as individuals. Open and clear communication is the key to develop a healthy friendly learning atmosphere inside your class.

2- Getting students engagement
21st century teaching practices
21st century teaching practices

There is nothing as challenging as getting students engagement and holding their attention. Today's students are multitasked and can hardly maintain a long concentration. They can easily get bored and therefore disconnected. There are many ways you can fight off this problem : Use interesting educational games and activities, use technology and multimedia resources and finally make your teaching student-centred and try your maximum to relate what you teach to students immediate environment.

3- Use Humour
21st century teaching practices
21st century teaching practices

Relevant doses of humour to spice up your teaching are highly recommended. Forget about the authoritative and coercive style of teaching , for experience proved that it only disheartens learners and kills their motivation. Use humour at appropriate times; this can lead to students engagement and build up their confidence. You need, however, to maintain the right balance between instruction and joking and don't let your whole class become an hour long comedy routine. Avoid the off-colour jokes and be sensitive to the cultural backgrounds of your students.

4- Act don't react
21st century teaching practices
21st century teaching practices

Students are very smart and it is part of their juvenile nature to try to get you. You are, for them, like a computer screen, they keep trying out all the keyboard buttons to find your weak point. Learn their game and play it with them carefully. Sometimes ignoring a disruptive behaviour is way better than reacting to it and in case it becomes repetitive or serious then make sure to talk it out with the student involved alone and not in front of the whole class.

5- Be clear and precise in your instructions
21st century teaching practices
21st century teaching practices

Remember you are teaching digitally focused students with short attention span. Several of the problems some teachers face are due to ambiguous and unclear instructions. Cut off on the clutter and be to the point. Show them the red lines and explain to them classroom ethics and what you can tolerate.

6- Give room to individualized learning
21st century teaching practices
21st century teaching practices

Not all students are equal in their comprehensive powers. Students learn in different ways, like seeing, hearing, and experiencing things at first hand. Research has even proved that students can perform better on test if they change study habits to fit their own personal learning styles.Therefore, some students are slow learners and others are quick, some kinesthetic ( learn by experience or doing ) others are auditory or visual. Keep these considerations in your mind and do your best to tend to every kind of learner you might have in your class.

7- Positive feedback
21st century teaching practices
21st century teaching practices

" good job, excellent,..ect" are simple words that might not mean anything to you but they mean the whole world to students. Think back to the days when you were a student and how a positive feedback from your teacher would make both your and your parents whole day. Publicly praise positive behaviour and show your students that you are celebrating their achievements as well.

8- Involve students in decision making
21st century teaching practices
21st century teaching practices

Students tend to do great when they feel they are trusted and that they are real parts in the learning / teaching operation. Use voting and polling to invistigate about a certain topic or classroom assignment. Try from time to time to give them the wheel and let them lead. This is a great way to inspire students to increase their productivity.

9- Use peer learning
21st century teaching practices
21st century teaching practices

Peer learning is a form of cooperative learning that enhances the value of student-student interaction and results in various advantageous learning outcomes. For peer learning to be effective, the teacher must ensure that the entire group experiences positive interdependence, face-to-face interaction, group processing, and individual and group accountability. Here are some of the strategies to help you facilitate successful peer learning as stated in this article :
  • Buzz groups : This is a large group of students subdivided into smaller groups of 4-5 students to consider issues surrounding a problem.
  • Affinity groups : Groups of 4-5 students are each assigned particular tasks to work on outside of formal contact time
  • Solution and critic groups ; One sub-group is assigned a discussion topic for a tutorial and the other groups constitute critics who observe, offer comments and evaluate the sub-group presentation
    21st century teaching practices
    21st century teaching practices
  • Teach-Write-Discuss : At the end of a unit of instruction, students have to answer short question and justify their answers. After working on them individually they can then compare their answers with each others.
10- Love your subject/ job

The best way to get students interested in your subject, from sciences to language to arts, is to love it so much that your passion for the field shows in your attitude. Students positively respond to authenticity. And as Abraham Lincoln once said " Love the job you do and you will never have to work a day ".

The Right Tools for the Right Job: 30 Tools in 50 Minutes

Web 2.0 Resources for Teachers:

WEB 2.0 TOOLS for Educators

Teach Web 2.0 Wiki

WEB 2.0 QUICK REFERENCE GUIDES BY: Professor Doctor Mohamed Amin
Learn more about social media in education. YouTube1 YouTube2
Find Free-to-Use Teaching and Learning Content from Around the World - 6th Grade teacher's blog on using tech in room
A Great Site , ,and a Wonderful Site on Web 2.0 Tools that will enhance any classroom!
Top 20 Web 2.0 Resources for Educators
Web 2.0 Tools - Mrs. Reyhan's Classes
KDitzler's Teacher Resource Page - huge list of Web 2.0 Tools
How to do 11 Techy Things in the New School Year (Twitter, Blogs, Wiki, and Podcasts)
How to embed technology into the classroom-
Want to go Paperless? Here are your free tools -
The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators
12 Essentials for Technology Integration
77 Web Resources for Teachers to Explore
GO2WEB2.0 -
Public Library of Teacher Resources
Need Help with Educational Technology? Go here -

Learning Resources for Educators -

Textbook Free Classroom Ideas - Free to register, Educational Resources Written BY Teachers For Teachers !!!!!!!!
Making Cell Phones WORK in the Classroom


1- A List of The Best Video Editing Tools for Teachers
2- A List of The Best Digital Story Telling Tools for Teachers
3- A List of The Best drawing and Painting Tools for Teachers
4- A List of The Best Presentation Making Tools for Teachers
5- A List of The Best PDF Tools for Teachers
6- A List of The Best YouTube Tools for Teachers
7- A List of The Best Bookmarking Tools for Teachers
8- A List of The Best Comic Strips Creating Tools for Teachers
9- A List of The Best Photo Editing Tools for Teachers
10- A List of The Best Digital Skills for Teachers
11- A List of The Best Tools to Teach Creativity to your Students
12- A List of The Best Tools to Create and Administer Quizzes
13- A List of The Best Mind Mapping Tools for Teachers

9 Great New Web Tools for Teachers

Everyday new web 2.0 tools emerge and some others die. It is thanks to the existence of such tools that internet became interactive and users shifted from the basic role of just passive consumers of digital input to active participant in the creation of the digital knowledge. The fact that this information revolution has radically transfomed education is no novel news to teachers and educators. The use of technology in education has become pervasive and the more we continue to invest in this field the better our instrction become.As I said before to keep track of the new web tools that are created almost every day is not an easy task for a teacher who already has several other peocupations. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, however, can help you stay informed about these recent releases. In this regard, we have compiled a list of some of the best web tools that are relatively new but have a great potential in education. Check the list below and hopefully share it with your colleagues .
1- Socrative
external image socrativee.png

This is a great web platform for teachers and students . It is basically a smart student response system that empowers teachers to enagage their classrooms through a series of educational excercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
2- Late Nite Labs
external image latenite.png

This is another website which has a great potential in education. As its name suggests, it is a platform that offers more than 100 interactive lab simulations for secondary and higher education. It also enables teachers to have their own accounts where to assign, assess and organize lab courses.

3- Three Ring
external image three+ring.png

Three Ring allows teachers to quickly and easily create digital portfolios of student work. Just snap a picture by your smartphone and Three Ring will sort the work by student, tag its content, and upload it to an online interface accessible by teachers, students, and parents.

4- Global Scholar
external image globalscholar.png

Global Scholar supports parents, teachers, and students with great online services that include tutoring and homework help for students, as well as school matching services/online school finders to help parents find the right school for their child.

5- ClassDoJo
external image classdojo.png

ClassDoJo is a classroom tool that helps teachers improve behaviour in their classrooms quickly and easily It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators.
6- Scientific Learning
external image scientific+learning.png

This is another great website that can hep your students develop their academic skills particularly reading. It provides reading assistants just like a personal interactive tutor. It listens to each student read and gives feedback.
7- Lore
external image lore.png

Lore is a community of curious people , spanning every discipline, campus, country and age. It's a platform for learning: a new venue for education that allows you to exlpore.

8- ClassConnect
external image classconnect.png

ClassConnect is an awesome learning tool. It allows teachers to build lessons with the use of websites, videos, Google docs, files and many more. These lessons can be stored online and then shared with students and parents. This service is free to use and has a user friendly interface.
9- 19Pencils
external image 19pencils.png

It is a great platform for teachers looking forward to expand their teaching beyond their classroom walls. 19Pencils provides a set of awesome free tools that allow you to create your class page and start adding links and materials to it. Users can also search content submitted by other teachers covering more than 1000 topics.

external image Screen+Shot+2012-06-19+at+6.10.08+PM.pngUnderstoodit is a new web app for quickly gauging your students' understanding of information that you have shared with them. Saw it in action for the first time today when my Ed Tech Teacher colleague Greg Kulowiec used it during a workshop we taught.
Understoodit is quite simple. Just open your account (it's still in beta by invitation only) and open the simple poll of "understand" or "confused." Students can vote using any internet-connected device. Students can vote whenever you have the poll open. They can vote multiple times too. So if they are confused at the beginning of class, but understand ten minutes later they can change their votes.

Popout Understoodit from Liam Kaufman on Vimeo.
Applications for Education After seeing it in action, I can see how Understoodit could be a great tool for quickly getting anonymous feedback from your students. The option to see the timing of when your students vote for "confused" or "understand" can be a great way to quickly determine which topics or what content to you need to repeat.
Click here for three other services you can use to quickly poll your students.
Update: In a classic case of not proofreading, I meant to title this post "Quickly Gauge Your Students' Understanding" not "Quickly Change Your Students' Understanding." The title is correct now.
This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQG04LbUj4CiFg_vOuuXKHM0cYtBG5kdvUOZ4f2g3Jn2nSgdnCM2plaSuM- A place to find videos, eBooks, Powerpoints, and interactive games
Educational Technology Resources - - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Learning Registry created by US Dept of Ed and Defense

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS7Ci-fsoX9nWbN2tr5jrgvF6xPGseMgn4Z4ehLLemWcI1MOTNPwdi4tJ6B
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT37-qg4J_PVRmHwSNToBw-iDZKG81TdR4BS6MnX998kVWRJzQJpQ
Thinglink is a website where you can take a picture and make it interactive!!! Very Easy! BASIC (free) ThingLink acct was designed for students w/ 50 uploads. Use couponcode TLEDU-67% off a PLUS acct w/500 uploads.

8 Free Tools to Easily and Instantly Create Videos in the Cloud! -
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ_xqLsn8W3SXZT3KELQh7wouBM-e-bKXxuZb4stg8qbUnAhoWxow OR external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTHxIG6bWS1UTvbIQxLBHj25Yc8Yi70zmk8nmUVS8zUkGJd0zbSQAOR external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSm9HitzVo_it46pfP9JvANjYGAMWzq_d_QApEjr7lNtAq4BcTY
wiki.JPGThis site allows you to upload only PowerPoints and share them.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSuY9LLBvBHrnbloJS_twp9Dy-vsjvymri7A7X9fxLgnpMJQDadScribd and MediaFire is a document/image/file sharing site just like Dropbox external image 41784_124975940890187_7085773_n.jpg
external image Screen+Shot+2012-06-13+at+1.15.03+PM.pngThrough a recent blog post by Angela Maiers I discovered a nice service for finding and sharing ebooks. The service is called ebook browse and it's similar to services like Scribd and DocStoc. On ebook browse you can browse for documents, upload and share your own documents, and download the documents that other people make available. If you want to make your documents available online for others to read, just upload them to ebook browse and share the link or embed them into your blog or website using the embed code provided by ebook browse.
Applications for Education I did a quick search on ebook browse and discovered that there are a lot of people sharing their lesson plans on ebook browse. ebook browse could be a good tool for students to use to share examples of their best writings. Students can upload to ebook browse then use the embed code provided to display their documents in their digital portfolios.
This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR8gIRNsHQZFoEXK63tSi5LyqUDdy1pUy0MV9OBWELUwF6YkuVhGQX6yDXOeQ This is the best cloud file sharing Web 2.0 tool that I have found. My husband is even using it now. You can drop videos, photos, and files of any type into this cloud folder and as long as you have the app on your phone or the program downloaded on to your computer (or internet access) you can get to your files and share your files with ease. Automatic updates when you place something into it. Very easy to use and since I can access everything on my iPhone, honestly this is the best app and program for file sharing and storage!!!
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSQ3D7ucBUr9z2f9nLkVHXy9jHRRXMV6ZDw_-_IDMkmrENlmsZiZgJust like Dropbox! 10GB of storage
A List of PDF Tools for TEACHERS
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRPnJTTlWzxoc95FRnViyvueapYv3uzBF2UvpEp5G0DgerphUO0 Just like Dropbox.
external image Screen+Shot+2012-06-07+at+10.48.16+AM.pngDropmark is a service offering a simple platform for private and public file sharing. Dropmark is similar to DropCanvas that I reviewed on Tuesday but it offers some features that DropCanvas does not offer.
To use Dropmark you do have to create an account. Once you have your account established you can simply drag files from your desktop onto a blank collection screen in your account. Once your files are in a collection you can make that collection public and share the url assigned to it. Alternatively, you can keep your collection private and share it only with people you invite. Within your Dropmark account you can create multiple collections.
The video below provides a visual overview of Dropmark.

Popout Introducing Dropmark from Dropmark on Vimeo.
Applications for Education Dropmark could be a good tool for organizing materials associated with each of your lesson plans or units. I might use Dropmark to assemble all of the primary resource files and lesson outlines that I have for my Revolutionary War unit and share them with my students so that they can access them all in one place too.
This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers. Follow on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.external image 3164418075266604275-3473504320741871039?
This site allows you to upload very big files and email them.
This site allows you to upload very big files and email them.

15 Free Tools for Storage and Sharing Files - 9 Great Animation and Video Creation Tools Integrated with YouTube for Teachers
15 Free Survey and Polling Sites - Great Free Text messaging Tools
This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers. Follow on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter
7 Tools to Publish Student's Work -

Pros and cons of social media in education [infographic] | Teaching Trends |
Pros and cons of social media in education [infographic] | Teaching Trends | New program sponsored by Verizon
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRM-9R7Bk75mihiLramHNtKbKuOQMZ_SJUsWxeNFSgSXibmlr4fog

Getting Started with INFOGRAPHICS -
Using Infographics in school -

Three Free Tools for Creating infographics

Mr. Byrne - This afternoon my friend Ken Sheltonasked me in a Google+ post about tools for creating infographics. Ken's question prompted this post. I have reviewed a few tools for creating infographics this year and here they are.
external image Screen+Shot+2012-05-11+at+11.07.37+AM.png provides a canvas on which you can build your own infographic by dragging and dropping pre-made design elements. You can use a blank canvas or build upon one of's themes. If doesn't have enough pre-made elements for you, you can upload your own graphics to include in your infographic. Your completed infographic can be exported and saved as PNG, JPG, PDG, and SVG files. Watch the video below for an overview of
external image infogram.png is an online tool for creating interactive charts and graphs. Soon you will be able to create interactive infographic posters on too. There are four basic chart types that you can create on; bar, pie, line, and matrix. Each chart type can be edited to use any spreadsheet information that you want to upload to your account. The information in that spreadsheet will be displayed in your customized chart. When you place your cursor over your completed chart the spreadsheet information will appear in small pop-up window. Your charts can be embedded into your blog, website, or wiki.
external image

Visual.lymakes it easy to make your own Infographics from Twitter hashtags. To create an infographic with just sign-in with your Twitter ID, enter a hashtag that you want to see visualized, and select an infographic template.This post originally appeared on Free Technology for Teachers. a safe sharing and blogging site - place to store and share information
You can embed and share topics. Very easy.
You can embed and share topics. Very easy.
Have issues with homework or getting information needed? Leave a question here!
Have issues with homework or getting information needed? Leave a question here!
Shorten URLs with this site.
Shorten URLs with this site. - free and easy to use resources for teachers dedicated to improving the education of today's generation of students. We feature 46,000+ lesson plans, 9,600 free printable worksheets, rubrics, teaching tips, worksheet makers, web quests, math worksheets, and thousands of other great teacher resources. We are the online teacher resource that is designed to help busy Kindergarten through High School teachers. - Online three-ring binder

Glogster - Online Poster Maker VoiceThread tutorials and information - voice recording - Flash cards that can be downloaded to "i" devices

5 Reasons Why I Want iPad2 in My Classroom
Useful Tips for the 21st Century Teachers - Moblie Learning Resources
International Classroom Collaboration on the WWW featuring ePALS Classroom Exchange, Flat Classroom Project, Digiteen Project, NetGenEd, and Eracism
Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 hundreds of downloadable templates for lesson plans, rubrics, and more
Teacher Planet: resources for teachers
Teacher Planet: resources for teachers

Creating assignments that work for digital learning environments-

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRJjmpKFxpP6-EuAmRXbO8CmQEJ7kiFWgDMPt_55TJXkgw6qZL-PgFACEBOOK EDUCATIONAL PAGES -

Online Curriculum for Public Schools -

Easy Guide for Teachers on Evaluating Web Content to Use in Your Classroom - web-conferencing service - alot that is free external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSSvzqOuhj9dgGGnPTUFAuf53KMYJIa70b1BpHaR3cpExq7kE6G
Twiddla Home

New online learning platform Gooru aims to make learning ‘social’

external image SiteofWeek122811.jpg
About Gooru
Gooru is a free search engine for learning. Teachers and students can use Gooru to search for rich collections of multimedia resources, digital textbooks, videos, games and quizzes created by educators in the Gooru community. Collections are aligned to standards and currently cover every 5th-12th grade math and science topic, with other subjects coming soon.
Gooru is free (of cost and ads) and developed by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to honor the human right to education. To get started, watch this video introduction to Gooru. For additional training materials, check out this short demo, which outlines all of Gooru's key features, or review these interactive tutorials.

EdTech Cheat Sheet Infographic
EdTech Cheat Sheet Infographic

external image teacher-social-media-730x2802.png
external image 21signs.png
external image 21sign1.png
external image 21sign2.png
Cell Phone Etiquette
Cell Phone Etiquette

SAP NetBase BYOD Top Fears Loves Infographic R3
SAP NetBase BYOD Top Fears Loves Infographic R3

Online Education Infographic
Online Education Infographic

Infographic: Do cell phones lead to increased lying and cheating?
Infographic: Do cell phones lead to increased lying and cheating?

10 Great Free Web Tools for Teachers and Educators

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has handpicked for you some great educational web tools that we have come across in different websites and blogs during the last week. We are adding the list to the section called Educational Web Tools where we provide busy teachers and educators with resources and links about educational web technologies .Check out the list below and let us know what you think.1- The Borgeson Bunch
educational web tools
educational web tools

The Borgeson Bunch is a website that is intended to be a place where students can learn to develop their skills in a variety of ways. It has a lot of resources and activities.
2- Link TV
educational web tools
educational web tools

Link TV broadcasts programs that engage, educate and activate viewers to become involved in the world. These programs provide a unique perspective on international news, current events, and diverse cultures.

educational web tools
educational web tools is a a great web tool that allows users to easily create infographics and share them with the world. I am adding it to The List of The Best Free Tools to Create Infographics.

4- Pastelink
educational web tools
educational web tools

Pastelink is a tool that lets you easily share files online. It is very simple to use, just drag your files from your desktop into the Pastelink website and you will be provided with a generated URL that you can use to share your files.

5- Unshorten It
external image unshorten.png

Unshorten It is a free web service that helps you find out where a shortened URL will take you. It is also very easy and simple to use. Just copy the shortened URL you want to investigate and paste it in Unshorten It website, and this latter will instantly scan it and provide you with the original URL of the destination website together with a description and its WOT ratings.

6- Saaspose
educational web tools
educational web tools

Saaspose is a website that lets users convert any HTML file into different file formats such as Microsoft Office document formats, Adobe PDFs and even e-mail formats.

7- Chat Slang
educational web tools
educational web tools

This is a cool tool that allows users to instantly figure out the real meaning of any chat slang. Just paste the word and Chat Slang will do the rest.

8- Ourstory
educational web tools
educational web tools

This is a free tool to help you create personal timeline, invite others to collaborate, share and embed the final product.

9- Chatzy
educational web tools
educational web tools

This is a free tool that allows you to create chat rooms , a kind of virtual rooms that can be password protected. You can also invite people to join via email.

10- Letterpop
educational web tools
educational web tools
This is a free web based tool to create, publish and share newsletters. It provides multiple templates to choose from.
external image Graduating-with-Technology.gif


Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is back to you with another list of some great educational websites. We have meticulously handpicked this compilation and we want those of you who, because of their time constraints or any other reasons, could not keep up with the sweeping influx of the web tools to have a chance to get to know some useful tools to use both for their professional development and with their students as well. You can also check our archive for other compilations.

Have a look at the list below and share with us your feedback

1- Stykz

external image snapfiles.png

  • Stykz is a stickfigure animation program that was inspired by the popular Pivot Stickfigure Animator software. In addition to cross-platform support it adds several feature enhancements along with the ability to import and use your existing Pivot (.stk) animations. While similar in many ways, Stykz offers a completely different interface (multiple floating windows) along with in-scene editing, the ability to copy/paste figures, streching and distorting of elements, layer arrangements and more.

2- Pic4Learning

external image pics4learning.png

  • Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education. Teachers and students can use thecopyright-friendlyphotos and images for classrooms, multimedia projects, web sites, videos, portfolios, or any other project in an educational setting.

3- PowerPoint Games

external image powepointgames.png

As its name indicates, this website provides a wide range of games created by PowerPoint You can download the games and modify the template to suit your learning needs.

4- SuperKids

external image superkids.png

This is a great resource packed full of Math drill worksheet.Simply select the type of problem, the maximum and minimum numbers to be used in the problems, then click on the button! A worksheet will be created to your specifications, ready to be printed for use.


external image 4teachers.png works to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering online tools and resources. This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars.

6- Badge Maker

external image badge+maker.png

Make your own ID card, press pass, name tag, unofficial Flickr badge, or any other kind of identification. Print it out, laminate it, wear it with pride! Make any kind of identification* easily in just a few seconds.

7- Better Lesson

external image better+lessson.png

This website allows you to browse thousands of documents, presentations, full lessons, even complete units and courses. Share your curriculum and connect with fellow educators around the world.

8- Bubblesnaps

external image bubblesnaps.png

This is a cool web tool. You can use it to add bubbles to your pictures. The process is very easy and has a user friendly interface.

9- Fun Photo Box

external image funphotobox.png

This is a photo editing tool . You can use it to customize your pictures and edit them the way you want and very easily.


external image marqueed.png

Marqueed is a simple and intuitive online app that allows users to share & communicate about images securely. It allows people to easily “point” at a part of the picture while talking about it & keeps all discussion organized for you.

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