Mechanicsburg Middle School Instructions: Here at the Instructions for the CFF ROOM Eno Boards
1) Get box and remote for projector from Kim
2) Make sure box and remote match with Eno Board
3) Open box, Open black box, and Put the JUMP DRIVE in computer
4) Log in to computer (Or turn it on) and turn on projector
5) Once all booted up, go to bottom RIGHT Hand corner of screen and click on the UP TURNED ARROW
6) Click on the little whiteboard icon with the red X on it
8) On left hand side of the driver, click on HARDWARE
9) Take pen cap off of the STYLUS
10) If pen shows up on screen, tap the board.
10) * If after 1 minute pen does not show up on screen, click on PAIR STYLUS in the upper RIGHT Hand corner and follow directions. If next message is not "You have successfully pair your stylus to this computer." then you are going to have trouble with the board today.
11) After tapping the board, you will either see the name of the board pop up on the screen or the screen will turn Green and you will have to click on the plus signs to calibrate the screen.
12) You should be all good to go if no error messages come up.

This is the offical document from Polyvision on using the Eno board, Polyvision Driver, and Pen/Stylus.

Here is a document on what the icon strip icons are and some troubleshooting tips for the pen that was created for Sage Customers.
Youtube video -

Easiteach Next Generation presenation:
Here is the User Guide for the Easiteach Next Generation Software that you can Review before using it to create lessons.
Here are some sample lessons that can be modified. external image zip.png Jeopardy.etng
Easiteach Next Generation Icon Guide -