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Who is Jacki Kratz?

Hello to all who visit this site. My name is Jacki Kratz. I graduated in 2003 from Lebanon Valley College with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. I graduated in 2012 from Wilkes University with a Master's of Education in Classroom Technology. Technology in education really is my passion and helping other educators easily use their technology is what I really want to be doing. Please enjoy this site and email me with things to add or things that need removed.

Cool Facts: I am a Choco-holic and I am not afraid to admit to it!
Born: May 2, 1981
School: Stourbridge Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Wayne Highlands Middle School, and Honesdale High School (1999 Grad) all in Honesdale, PA
Sports: Softball, Field Hockey, pick up Volleyball
Vehicles: First - Purple and White F150 extended cab w/8 ft bed Current - White Chevy Equinox with 2 purple pin stripes
Family: Married in June 2006 to Eric and have two daughters
Color - Purple
Vehicle - Truck
Movies - Harry Potter Series, Love Comes Softly Series, Prince of Persia, One Night With the King, Sense and Sensibility, Dune and tons more
Sports Team: ummm what ever team my husband tells me to cheer for
History: Native North Americans, Greek, Egyptians
Author: Mary Higgins Clark, Bella Forrest
Game: Sudoko, Angry Birds!!
Words/Phrases: Confuzzled, Precious, Amazeballs, Okey Dokey Artichokey
Taught Subjects: Math and Early American History
BOOKS: Red Queen Series, Mortal Instruments Series, A Shade of Vampire Series, Twilight Series, Matched Series, Harry Potter Series, Love Comes Softly series, Nancy Drew series, All the Lovely Bad Ones,...Opps realized that I just don't have enough of room to list them all!!!!
Church Hymn: 707 Hymn of Promise
Missions Project: Trunk or Treat